Mona Ødegård




Mona was born in 1982 in an ambulance on the way to the hospital in Hallingdal, Norway and has not stopped moving since. Coming from a remote mountain village, Mona likes to create her own reality. Like her grandfather, Mona is a hunter; fascinated by the strange world just beneath the surface of normal life. Her work captures those fleeting moments that do not exist without photography. Whether personal or commercial Mona’s photography is bright, optimistic, humorous and playful, while always having a touch of the surreal.



Published in Carl´s CarsVice MagazineThe Globe and Mail Toronto, Bon Magazine, Personae, Dagbladet & Natt&Dag

Clients: SwimsRottefellaDNBSmfbTriggerAntiAnorakKitchenRedinkInvolveCommando GroupMiksmasterConventorInspiration EventBoots ApotekSunkost, Rikstoto, Gjensidige, Volvo, Nina Jarebrink,PensjonistforbundetSivilombudsmannen,  Det Norske Kammerorkester,  Norsk FolkehjelpMake-A-Wish Norge



Based in Oslo, Norway.

phone: 0047 408 48 564


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